Advanced Color Science by AOC
Chroma-Tek develops colorants and additives backed by AOC, the world leader in resin technology. We offer proprietary, custom solutions for automotive, bath, marine and other manufacturing industries.

Leaders in Colorant Manufacturing
Chroma-Tek products are manufactured using a proprietary process control system managed with ISO-9001:2008 certified procedures. This technology delivers batch-to-batch consistency that supports your goals for process repeatability. For exceptional chemical compatibility, the colorant or additive resin vehicle can be the identical resin used for the composite matrix.

Every Chroma-Tek purchase is backed by AOC's team of material and process experts. They understand how to make resin and dispersions chemistries effectively interact within an entire series of interrelated variables. With Chroma-Tek technology, you get much more than superior colorants and additives. You're connected to colorant and additive solutions.

Environmentally Responsible Solutions
Since the 1970s, when we pioneered the development of resins from post consumer recycled materials, AOC has been at the forefront of sustainable processes. Our commitment to the environment continues through our manufactuing practices and our dedication to helping our customers attain the same standards. Contact us today or visit the AOC site to learn more.


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