Advanced Pigment Dispersions, Colorants & Additives

If you were to formulate your ideal partner in plastic, resin or polymer manufacturing, what ingredients would you add? A tireless spirit of innovation... A world-class track record of success... Environmental sustainability... Superior start-up and ongoing technical support... Engineers with decades of experience? The Chroma-Tek color science division meets all these requirements and more. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business save time, save money and improve process efficiency with spectacular results.
  Polyester Pigment Dispersions
  • Single Pigment Dispersions    
  • Custom Blended Dispersions   
  • Conductive Dispersions
Chemical Thickeners & Additives
  • Magnesium Oxide Dispersions   
  • Magnesium Hydroxide Dispersions   
  • B-Sides & C-Sides   
  • Inhibitor Solutions

  Engineered Stone, Cultured Marble and Solid Surface Dispersions
  • Low Viscosity Veining Pastes
  • Low Viscosity White Pigment
  • Low Viscosity Color Blends
Pultrusion Specialty Colors

  Epoxy Dispersions

Urethane Dispersions

Gel Coat Colorants


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