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Colorants for Gelcoats
AOC's superior gel coat results stem from the combination of our Chroma-Tek technology and our proprietary Vibrin gel coat line. This color dispersion process eliminates cure and system compatibility problems while ensuring excellent clarity, color, gloss, durability and air release qualities. The AOC development team can help you design the gel coat process characteristics you want with a minimum of downtime and start-up scrap.

No other company can offer you the same level of technical support, product customization, lab testing capabilities, process understanding and customer care.

Custom Pigment Dispersions & Pastes
  • 2,000 custom colors in the active Chroma-Tek database
  • Federal standard 595B and RAL colors
  • Rapid response custom color matching
  •  Ability to match any color
Contact AOC today to learn more, or click here to learn more about AOC's Vibrin Gel Coats.

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