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Polyester Pigment Dispersion
Chroma-Tek's advanced color dispersion technology has its roots in AOC's composite manufacturing. To achieve optimal color consistency and processability, our engineers developed proprietary color dispersion chemistry designed specifically for the unsaturated polyester product line.

AOC scientists work tirelessly to perfect every aspect of processing, performance and aesthetics. Contact us today, and let us put that problem-solving power to work for you. Through our cutting-edge mechanical and physical properties testing labs and decades of experience, we can help you scale up your process and shorten your design-to-production cycle.

Custom Pigment Dispersions
Chroma-Tek's product selection includes:
  •  Unlimited custom colors in the active Chroma-Tek database
  •  Federal standard and RAL colors
  •  Phosphorescent and fluorescent materials (plus other special effects)
  •  Rapid response custom color matching
  •  Optimal compatibility to reduce color separation.
Our People. Your Strength.
Technology is only as good as the people who develop and stand behind it and our panel technology team is lead by industry veterans. Our extraordinary expertise in pigment technology ensure that your solution is the ideal fit for your application, equipment and needs.

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