Polyester Pigment Dispersions
Chemical Thickeners
Pultrusion Specialty Colors
Urethane / Epoxy Dispersions
Marble / Solid Surfaces /
Cast Polymer Dispersions
Colorants for Gelcoats
Pultrusion Specialty Colors
Save time and improve quality with AOC-backed pultrusion colorants. From OSHA, RAL, or Federal Standard safety colors to bold, dramatic custom colors, Chroma-Tek technology delivers the hues, characteristics and consistent processability you're looking for.

Comprehensive Technical Support
As a Chroma-Tek customer, you'll have the start-up and ongoing support of AOC's Product Leaders and Field Technical Service Team to ensure smooth implementation of your pultrusion project. We have the process experience to optimize the chemistries of colorants and resins with other formulation components.


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