Polyester Pigment Dispersions
Chemical Thickeners
Pultrusion Specialty Colors
Urethane / Epoxy Dispersions
Marble / Solid Surfaces /
Cast Polymer Dispersions
Colorants for Gelcoats
Marble, Solid Surface, Engineered Stone
& Cast Polymer Dispersions

Chroma-Tek helps you keep pace with changing customer tastes by providing marble, solid surface and cast polymer dispersions for kitchen and bath applications.

Unmatched Technical Support
Ramp up your production process with the help of Chroma-Tek's industry-leading chemists. Our polymer technology team understands the complex interactions of your formulation's promoters, catalysts and mold release agents and colorants, and what it takes to implement them into your material process system. Lead by industry veterans, we'll help you deliver a higher quality product with a smoother manufacturing process.

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