Polyester Pigment Dispersions
Chemical Thickeners
Pultrusion Specialty Colors
Urethane / Epoxy Dispersions
Marble / Solid Surfaces /
Cast Polymer Dispersions
Colorants for Gelcoats
Chemical Thickeners & Additives
Chroma-Tek's superior dispersions and additives create resin systems to exact process and performance requirements. Innovative technology, world-class manufacturing and the industry's best technical support ensure that every Chroma-Tek product is seamless to other functional composite components, including initiators, internal release agents, fillers and reinforcements.

Chemical Thickener Dispersions
Our proprietary process control ensures batch to batch consistency for reliable thickening response. AOC offers the industry's most consistent earth-oxide thickeners for the consistent rheological control you need to perfect your manufacturing process.

Conductive Dispersions
Innovative dispersions give composites inherent conductivity for a range of applications.

B-Sides and C-Sides for SMC/BMC
AOC chemists custom-design sheet B-Side and C-Side formulas that are extremely compatible with the host material system and compounding and molding process details.

Save time. Improve quality. Make more money. Put AOC to work for you.
AOC additives and dispersions have the process and performance characteristics. After qualification, our technical service organization provides ongoing support for continued improvement and efficiencies. AOC knows technology, lives quality and delivers service better than any other supplier.

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