Polyester Pigment Dispersions
Chemical Thickeners
Pultrusion Specialty Colors
Urethane / Epoxy Dispersions
Marble / Solid Surfaces /
Cast Polymer Dispersions
Colorants for Gelcoats
Urethane Dispersions
The Chroma-Tek team of thermoset chemistry experts have developed a comprehensive line of dispersions for polyurethanes.

Urethane dispersions are based on polyester or polyether vehicles and feature excellent viscosity control in dispensing equipment with third-stream capability.


Epoxy Dispersions
Epoxy dispersions bring color to a wide variety of applications, including laboratory counter tops, electrical encapsulation, industrial coatings and floor coatings.

The Right People. The Best Chemistry.

For the ultimate in consistency, replicability, process control and start-up efficiency, call on the Chroma-Tek dispersion experts.


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